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General Commentary

The Role of the Board in Turbulent Times: Avoiding Shareholder Activism
April 2009
Damien Park, Hedge Fund Solutions
Matteo Tonello, The Conference Board
The Paper is Available Here

Returns to Shareholder Activism: Evidence from a Clinical Study of the Hermes U.K. Focus Fund
April 2008
Marco Becht, Free University of Brussels
Julian Franks, London Business School
Colin Mayer, University of Oxford, 
Stefano Rossi, Stockholm School of Economics
The Paper is Available Here

Does Shareholder Proxy Access Improve Firm Value? Evidence from the Business Round Table Challenge
October 2010
Bo Becker, Harvard Business School
Daniel Bergstreeser, Harvard Business School
Guhan Subramanian, Harvard Business School
The Paper is Available Here

Is the EU Taking Shareholder Rights Seriously? An Essay on the Impotence of Shareholdership in Corporate Europe
October 2010
Pavlos Masouros, Leiden University
The Paper is Available Here

Hedge Funds and the Financial Crisis
April 2010
Houman Shadab, New York Law School
The Paper is Available Here

Convergence and Divergence: Blurring the Lines Between Hedge Funds and Private Equity Funds
July 2006
Jonathan Bevilacqua, State University of New York at Buffalo
The Paper is Available Here

When Unocal Won Over Pickens, Shareholders and Society Lost
August 2006
Michael Jensen, Harvard Business School
The Paper is Available Here

On the Importance of Golden Parachutes
August 2010
Eliezer Fich, Drexel University
Anh Tran, City University London
Ralph Walking, Drexel University
The Paper is Available Here

The Costs of Entrenched Boards
April 2009
Lucian Bebchuk, Harvard University
Alma Cohen, Tel Aviv University
The Paper is Available Here

The Case for Increasing Shareholder Power
March 2003
Lucian Bebchuk, Harvard University
The Paper is Available Here

Hedge Funds versus Private Equity Funds as Shareholder Activists - Differences in Value Creation
April 2008
Mark Mietzner, Darmstadt University of Technology
Denis Schweizer, WHU (Otto Beisheim)
The Paper is Available Here

Value Creation or Destruction? Hedge Funds as Shareholder Activists
June 2007
Christopher Clifford, University of Kentucky
The Paper is Available Here

Shareholders' Say on Pay: Does it Create Value?
November 2009
Jie Cai, Drexel University
Ralph Walking, Drexel University (Lebow)
The Paper is Available Here

Stock Picking in Disguise?
New Evidence that Hedge Fund Activism Adds Value
April 2009
Benjamin Solarz
The Paper is Available Here

The Case For Activist Investing
December 2008
Ramius Group
The Paper is Available Here

Shareholder Activism and the "Eclipse of the Public Corporation": Is the Current Wave of Activism Causing Another Tectonic Shift in the American Corporate World?
The 2008 Directors Forum of The University of Minnesota Law School
Martin Lipton, Partner
Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz
The Paper is Available Here

Equity and Debt Decoupling and Empty Voting II: Importance and Extensions
The University of Pennsylvania Law Review, January 2008
Henry Hu & Bernard Black
The Paper is Available Here

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