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Tracking Hedge Fund Activism

The Evolution of Shareholder Activism in the United States
January 2007
Stuart Gillan, Texas Tech University
Laura Starks, Texas Tech University
The Paper is Available Here

Hedge Fund Activism
October 2006
April Klein, New York University
Emanuel Zur, New York University
The Paper is Available Here

Leveraged Recapitalizations, Operating Efficiency, and Stockholder Wealth
October 1998
M. Mark Walker, University of Mississippi
The Paper is Available Here

Wealth Effects of Hedge Fund Activism
(Interesting study on effects to bondholders)
June 2009
Hadiye Aslan, University of Houston
Hilda Maraachlian, University of Houston
The Paper is Available Here

Liquidity and Shareholder Activism
June 2009
Oyvind Norli, Norwegian School of Management
Charlotte Ostergaard, Norwegian School of Management; Central Bank of Norway
Ibolya Schindele, Norwegian School of Management
The Paper is Available Here

Influences of Hedge Fund Activism on the Medium Term Target Firm Value
August 2007
Nick W.A. Stokman
Erasmus University Rotterdam
This Paper is Available Here

Hedge Fund Investor Activism & Takeovers
Harvard Business School, July 2007
Robin Greenwood & Michael Schor
The Paper is Available Here

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